Funding Sources

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This is a partnership between Tauranga City Council, Western Bay District Council, TECT, BayTrust and Acorn Foundation designed to save event organisers time by only having to apply to one event partner. It has replaced Tauranga City Council’s Community Event Fund.  Applicants are able to apply for up to $50,000 per event (Tauranga) or $15,000 (Western Bay) and funding rounds are held every two months. For further information, visit the website.


Creative Communities Scheme

Administered by Creative BOP on behalf of Tauranga City Council and Western Bay of Plenty District Council, the Creative Communities Scheme is for grassroots, local projects that have strong creative and community components.

Grants are usually around $2,000 and the fund is open to groups or individuals (ie you don’t need to have a legal status to apply).  The assessment panel comprises a mix of local government and community representatives.  There are usually two rounds a year for each local authority, with the first opening in February and the second in August.  For further information, email

Arts Grants

These grants are for short term projects that need between $5,000 and $75,000 in funding.  There is a focus on supporting sustainable careers, encouraging innovation and the development of arts practices, and providing opportunities for diverse communities to access the arts.

Six rounds are held each year, with each round closing once 225 applications have been reached. A maximum of two applications can be made each year, or one in any single round. For further information, email or visit Creative NZ’s website.

Wild Creations (with Department of Conservation)

A collaboration between DOC and Creative NZ, Wild Creations gives New Zealand artists the chance to be inspired by our unique natural and historic heritage.  Successful applicants will engage in a conservation experience and create work based on this.  This could include the experience of a place of particular significance to Māori, a community group immersion experience, or an experience relating to iwi engagement, as well as an historic site, a threatened species, or an island, coastal, urban or remote experience.  For further information, visit the website.


Based in Christchurch, the Arts Foundation is a charitable trust which was established in 1998 to honour extraordinary New Zealand artists.  They recognise, reward and promote outstanding artists that are having an impact in New Zealand and overseas with support from their philanthropic community.

Boosted Crowd Funding Platform

Boosted is one of the most successful crowd funding platforms in the world – and it’s been established just for artistic pursuits! It has an amazing 85% success rate in achieving funding targets, with the secret being the one-on-one support Boosted provides in the development of funding campaigns.

Open to all art projects, from the grassroots to New Zealand’s most established companies and artists, fundraising support includes mapping a project’s network, drafting a story to capture the hearts and minds of donors, creating a realistic fundraising goal and developing a campaign strategy. For further information, visit


Springboard aims to kickstart sustainable arts careers for up to six artists in Aotearoa every year. Recipients are gifted $15,000 and work with a senior artist mentor the Arts Foundation’s alumni, who is also remunerated, bringing the package to $25,000 worth of support. Nominations usually open in November each year for support in the following year. For further information, click here.


Community Grants Fund

The Community Grants Fund supports community-led initiatives which help create positive change and enhance the community’s ability to meet its own needs and develop leadership. Applications are open to community organisations, schools/kura, not-for-profit groups, ECE providers and those delivering kaupapa Māori outcomes.  Grants are for up to $50,000 and must be for a clearly defined activity, project or initiative. Principles considered during assessment include communities of need and social equity, relationships based on Māori values and principles, community pride and belonging, wellbeing and participation, safe and resilient communities and environmental sustainability. It does NOT cover commercial activity, employment of individuals, or political or religious causes. For further information, visit Tauranga City Council’s website.

Community Development Match Fund

The focus of this fund is the support of community projects that improve social, cultural and environmental wellbeing. Applications can be made by formal or informal groups, with preference given to applications that benefit communities that have been identified as priorities. Small grants are up to $1,000 and you can apply at any time;  medium grants are up to $10,000, with applications closing on 31 May and 10 November 2021. At least half of the total value of the project must be covered by in-kind/volunteer time or other funding sources. To apply, visit Tauranga City Council’s website.

Events Support Funding

Council’s priorities: arts & culture, communities of need, healthy & accessible communities, Kaupapa Māori, spaces & places and sport & active leisure.

  • Event Support Fund (max $15,000) provides support to a wide range of event activities that align with the priorities outlined above. Additional weighting will be given to those that occur during the off-season (April to October), demonstrate a modest growth in regional GDP, attract visitors, and generate positive national exposure for Tauranga.
  • Legacy Event Fund (max $100,000) provides ongoing financial support to events that have proven longevity (at least 12 years) and are important to the cultural and social identity of Tauranga. Events must cultivate a strong sense of community pride, create legacy opportunities, and actively engage with residents and visitors to showcase Tauranga as an exciting place to live, work, play and visit.
  • Major Event Fund (max $100,00) is designed to attract, grow and enhance major events that add to the vibrancy and economic growth of the city. Applicants must demonstrate a significant growth in regional GDP, attract visitation, generate positive national and/or international exposure for the city, and create legacy opportunities.

Council DOES NOT fund applications that seek more than 50% of event expenses, require funding for ongoing operations, have started/completed, are primarily religious, political or protests, are for markets, raffles or prizes, are commercial ventures, are private functions, are for research or feasibility studies, or are run by individuals rather than legal entities.  For further information on all of these funds, click here.


Community Matching Fund

Up to $140,000 ($100,000 general fund and $40,000 environmental fund) is available for community and environmental projects that make a positive difference.  This fund supports projects led by not-for-profit community groups working for the benefit of their communities, matching the value of the community effort with a grant.  The community component can be made up of volunteer labour, donated professional services, funds raised by other means or the donation of materials. For further information, visit Western Bay of Plenty District Council’s website.

Community Board Grants

The Te Puke and Maketu community boards allocate grants on an ad hoc basis throughout the year when applications are received.  The Waihi Beach, Omokoroa and Katikati community boards allocate grants annually in April/May.  For further information and to see if your request is suitable, visit the Council website.


TECT recommend you contact their office to discuss your project before completing the application form.  Three months before you require a decision is the minimum lead time suggested.  For further information, visit TECT’s website.

Community Facilities

This fund is targeted towards building new facilities or purchasing/upgrading an existing facility.  The facility must have significant community benefit and provide a place where the community can enjoy spending time.  Application deadlines are 1 April and 1 September each year.

Community Development

Funding in this category is targeted towards supporting community organisations and the work they do to enhance the lives of those in our community.  Examples include equipment and technology, operating costs, and one-off project cost.  Applications close on the 1st of every month.

Community Events

This fund supports community events that are open to the public.  Applications will be assessed on how they contribute to the community in terms of economic benefit, providing event variety and whether the event will be enjoyed by a significant number of those in our community.  Applications close on the 1st of every month.

Iconic Projects

This fund is for significant facilities that deliver inter-generational benefits to the community. Examples include: TECT All Terrain Park, TECT Arena and Baywave TECT Aquatic & Leisure Centre.

Catalyst for Change

This fund seeks to create positive change in the community through supporting innovative projects.  TECT will undertake research to identify key issues and allocate funding to the improvement and development of these.  It is likely up to three key projects will be funded each year, with closing dates to be determined on application.


BayTrust requires funding applications to align with at least one of the following priority areas:

  • Practicing kaitiakitanga to protect and improve the natural environment.
  • Projects that value community and cultural wellbeing.
  • Initiatives that support healthy, secure and affordable housing.
  • Projects that support sustainable employment and inclusive growth.

Community Support & Event Funding [up to $15,000]

This fund has a simple and fast application process where applicants are required to align with at least one of the priority areas outlined above.  Applications need to be submitted at least two months before the funds are required.

Community Impact Funding [from $15,000 to $100,000]

This fund has a robust assessment process where applications that demonstrate alignment to a number of priorities will increase the likelihood of investment.  Applications need to be submitted at least three to six months before the funds are required.

Community Amenities Fund [from $100,000 to $500,000]

This fund supports capital projects that will facilitate and enable the delivery of new community and environmental assets or the expansion/preservation of existing assets that align to BayTrust’s priorities.  Community and environmental assets are defined as intergenerational assets that meet an identified current and future community need, are accessible and multi-use, and reflect the interests of a high proportion of the community.

Projects must involve the local community and volunteers in the ongoing operation of the amenity, have strong local significance or recognised historical/cultural importance, and have material economic development spin-offs.  This fund has a staged business case application process.  Applications open during the month of May each year with funding confirmed by the end of November.

Strategic Partnership Funding [from $100,000 to $500,000]

This fund enables BayTrust to make a meaningful and measurable difference through funding strategic projects utilising a collaborative partnership approach.  Applications between $100,000 and $500,000 will be considered.  Greater weight will be given to projects that deliver to multiple priorities and with a high level of evaluation, accountability and reporting requirements.  The process will begin with a staff discussion with a group to assess if a concept is truly strategic, and the group’s readiness and capability to work through the process.

For further information on these funds, visit BayTrust’s website.


Acorn Foundation is a charitable trust that was established in Tauranga in 2003 help connect generous people who care with causes that matter.  They are well on their way to building a substantial fund that will cater for the current and future needs of the region … forever.

Acorn Foundation supporters can have a real impact in the community by leaving a gift in their will, establishing a workplace giving plan, creating a giving circle or setting up a regular donation.  The capital in the fund remains intact, while the interest generated is distributed into the community – ensuring the benefits will continue for future generations.

Acorn Foundation supports a number of arts scholarships that have been established for specific purposes.  There is also the Creative Bay of Plenty Endowment Fund which will support the creative arts community in Tauranga, every year, forever.  For further information, visit Acorn Foundation’s website.


TECT, Acorn Foundation, BayTrust and Tauranga City Council are partnering to deliver phase two of their COVID-19 funding support to enable the longer-term rebuild of the community sector.  The fund supports not-for-profit organisations to continue the delivery of their services and enable them to meet their financial commitments, including capacity/capability building, supporting new operating models, and adapting service delivery through the use of technology.

The recovery fund has a particular focus on supporting collaborative and innovative approaches to address the challenges arising from COVID-19.  This includes organisations providing a response to economic and social issues through community-led engagement programmes, creating inclusive or cultural opportunities, and those supporting youth engagement programmes.

For further information and to apply, visit the webpage.


The Ministry for Culture & Heritage has established a COVID recovery fund to support cross-sector initiatives. Aspects of relevance to the arts/creative sector include:

Cultural Sector Regeneration Fund

$150 million for longer term projects that create new employment, develop skills, promote innovation and enhance access to cultural experiences. Find out more here.

Cultural Sector Capability Fund

$20 million to enhance the ability of cultural organisations to deliver to NZ and international audiences. Includes $12 million managed by Manatū Taonga and $2 million each to Creative NZ, NZ Film Commission, NZ Music Commission and NZ On Air. Round one closed on 9 February 2021, with round two expected to open in early November 2021.

Creative Spaces

The purpose of this fund is to increase participation in creative activities for people experiencing barriers and to create employment for creative professionals. It is for groups whose primary purpose is to provide access to art-making activities and creative expression for people who experience barriers to participation. This includes intellectual or physical disabilities, neurological conditions, mental illness, age-related vulnerability (seniors or youth), cultural or social isolation or poverty. Applications are for up to $150,000 a year over three years, with additional funding available for training and development. Two rounds have been held for this fund, with the latest closing on 1 June 2021. Find out more here.

Creative Arts Recovery and Employment Fund

$70 million to create employment and training opportunities, ensure vital skills, talent and creative infrastructure are not lost, and maintain and expand public access to creative and cultural experiences. Find out more here.

Cultural Sector Innovation Fund

$60 million to encourage innovative practice and partnership to change the way cultural content is made available to audiences.  This fund has a strong focus on encouraging the protection, transmission and retention of Mātauranga Māori. Find out more here.

Career Support for Creatives [partnering with MSD]

$7.9 million to pilot a new creative career service to support people back into employment in the creative sector or develop and extend the skills of those who work in the sector but have lost income due to COVID-19.  The pilot programme is limited to Auckland, Waikato and Nelson. Find out more here.

Cultural Installations and Events Fund

This fund is for the creation of installations and events that stimulate employment and skill development opportunities for cultural practitioners and allow more people to participate in the cultural sector. Applications are sought from organisations based in venues with the primary purpose of providing cultural content, with eligibility requiring consideration of how the cultural experience can be presented outside the venue to reach the wider community.

Round one has closed, with round two for grants of up to $100,000 opening in late August 2021. Find out more here.


The Ministry of Education is the Government’s lead advisor on the New Zealand education system, shaping direction for sector agencies and providers.

Creatives in Schools (in partnership with Ministry for Culture & Heritage and Creative NZ)

$4 million to support artists and creative practitioners to partner with schools and kura to share their specialist skills and knowledge with students.  Delivered by Ministry of Education. Find out more here.


NZ On Air invests in activities that will enrich the New Zealand cultural experience, strengthen community life, improve the diversity of available content, be accessible and promote informed debate.  Funded content can be found on television, online and on radio, for both general and targeted audiences.  Alongside content development, they have developed an industry development fund which focuses on capability building initiatives and sponsoring events and awards with clear strategic importance to media industry development.  For further information, visit NZ On Air’s website.


NZ Film Commission invests in New Zealand feature films and short films, contributing financing to between eight and 12 films a year.  They also have a focus on supporting the development of scripts and the careers of emerging filmmakers, as well as promoting New Zealand film here and overseas.  To check the funding opportunities through NZ Film Commission, visit their website.


The NZ Music Commission has a range of resources to support the music industry.  This includes agreement templates, support to host industry internships, tips on touring, music statistics and information on venues (visit their Resources page).  There is also the ability to apply for support with a tour, however you need to contact their office for this on (09) 376 0115 or email  In addition, the Outward Sound programme has been set up to support musicians to enter global markets – (visit the International webpage).


The Screenrights Cultural Fund supports people with exciting and innovative initiatives that foster the creation and appreciation of screen content in Australia and New Zealand.  The fund awards up to $50,000 per initiative, with applications closing at the end of April and decisions announced in early August.  For further information, visit the website.


Legacy Trust is the owner of Legacy Funerals and other funeral interests, with all profits from the businesses distributed back into the community.  Applications need to be received no later than 31 January (for distribution in March) and 30 August for (distribution in October).  There is no formal process for funding, with recommendations coming from both supporters of the Legacy concept and known community needs.

Funds are only available for established projects which are current and have been implemented, so does not cover concept development or market validation.  The trust does not fund salaries, wages, rent/lease or travel costs.  To make an application, visit their website.


Lion Foundation is a charitable trust that works across New Zealand, with funding derived from gaming machines.  To enforce their commitment to local communities, they have grants committees that work in each region.

Those applying for funding must have a legal status (eg charitable trust, incorporated society).  Funding is shared between the areas of community, which includes arts, culture, heritage and environment (30%), health (15%), sport (40%) and education (15%).  For further information, visit Lion Foundation’s website.


Pub Charity supports communities across New Zealand by returning gaming machine proceeds in the form of grants for local community projects.  Those applying for funding must have a legal status (eg charitable trust, incorporated society).

Funding must be for a charitable purpose, including education, scientific research & learning, relief of poverty, promotion of literature & the arts, and support of amateur sport.  Funding rounds are undertaken each month.  For further information, visit Pub Charity’s website.


Lottery Community Grants

Lottery community grants are available for not-for-profit organisations with a community or social service focus for ongoing operating costs or projects which help improve the quality of people’s lives in their communities.  For further information, visit the website.

COGS (Community Organisation Grants Scheme)

The Community Organisation Grants Scheme (COGS) provides grants to non-profit organisations delivering community-based social services that contribute to achieving locally-determined outcomes.  Each area has its own distribution committee with local priorities.  For further information, visit the website.


The Blumhardt Foundation is a registered charity comprising trustees with a wide experience of the craft/object art sector that aims to advance the sector.  The foundation does this by providing funding, establishing partnerships, facilitating strategic conversations and maintaining the Blumhardt Collection.  The fields in which it contributes include the practices of studio ceramics, glass, jewellery, metal, fibre work other ‘craft’ practices.  For further information, visit their website.


The Arts Practitioners Fund provides support for experiential opportunities for individual New Zealand-based arts practitioners to deepen artistic and professional connections with Asia, including residencies, work placements, research tours and exchanges.  Due to current restrictions on international travel, this fund is currently closed.  For further information, visit the website.


Mental Health Media Grants are awarded to people passionate about reducing discrimination against, and increasing social inclusion towards, New Zealanders with mental distress or illness.  Successful applicants have challenged people’s perceptions of the experience of mental distress and the journey to recovery by producing thought-provoking current affairs packages, plays, music, art exhibitions, magazine articles and documentaries.  Each grant offers up to $10,000 as well as a fellowship and project guidance.  For further information, visit the website.


A directory of funds, grants, scholarships and awards available to New Zealand creatives and organisations.


Tips, guides and resources to sink your teeth into and gain insights into attaining funding for your creative projects.


Funding for community creative arts and culture projects with the aim of increasing participation and support diversity in the arts sector in our region.